Founded by Priscilla and Harry Gardner , the Bedford County Players have brought live entertainment to audiences since 1983.

The Bedford County Players are a family of special people that invites you to enjoy their performances or even join in on the fun yourself.
Upcoming Shows & Events
2016 Venues

Gardner Memorial Theater
Bedford Elk's Country Club

Come and enjoy a live performance at these venues this year!  Stay tuned for more information and updates.  The Players may add new venues throughout the community.
Many people across the world enjoy the arts in one form or another.  That includes our little historical town of Bedford, Pennsylvania.  The arts are alive and well within our community and the Bedford County Players have been making sure of that for many years.

With annual productions just for youngsters, the Players are able to help kids grow to love live theater.  From the first time they hit the stage, they are infected with the "love of the stage" that only comes with live theater.  They continue to grow with each performance, then before you know it, they are the ones teaching!  It is important to the Players to continue to mold the young to continue bringing joy and laughter to audiences for many years to come. 

Whether you enjoy a good laugh with a hilarious comedy, like to sing along with musicals or get in the spirit of the holiday with the Christmas show, the Players are here for YOUR enjoyment!  So come on out and enjoy the show!
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Donations Appreciated!
For 30 years now, the Bedford County Players have been entertaining audiences year after year.  The group has truly enjoyed making audiences laugh, cry and walk away saying "What a show."  Donations are appreciated and will be used for things such as show rights, scripts, costumes, props and a whole list of other things it takes to make live theater possible.
"White Christmas"
Christmas Musical
Music and lyrics by Irving Berlin
Show Dates:
December 2, 3, 9 & 10 ~ Show at 7:30 p.m.
December 4 & 11 ~ Show at 3:00 p.m.
The storyline follows two successful song and dance men, Bob Wallace and Phil Davis from their days in World War II to the early 50’s as they appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. Phil, ever the ladies man, works to set up his partner Bob with a soul mate.  Phil takes Bob to see a sister night club act featuring Betty and Judy Haynes.   Phil and Judy instantly connect while Bob and Betty quickly become adversaries. The showbiz buddies follow these two beautiful singing sisters to their Christmas show at a Vermont lodge, which just happens to be owned by Bob and Phil’s former army commander. General Waverly has invested all of his savings into the lodge, which is in danger of failing because there's no snow and thus no guests. To bring business to the inn, Bob and Phil bring their entire cast and crew and add in Betty and Judy.  They then enlist their army buddies to prove to the General that he isn't forgotten.  A heartwarming show full of
laughs, love, music and dancing.
Tickets ~ $15.00 
Reservations ~ 814-623-7555
Old Bedford Village
220 Sawblade Road
Bedford, Pa  15522
(814) 623-1156
Old Bedford Village welcomes you to discover America's history.
Players Receive “Hearing” Grant from Community Foundation
Recently the Bedford County Players received a grant, totaling $1,200, to purchase an assistive listening system for use at Gardner Memorial Theater at Old Bedford Village in Bedford, PA. Funding was provided through the Earl and Jeanne Berkey Fund of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.
BCP president Jim Dull expressed his gratitude, saying, “As many of our patrons currently suffer from some degree of hearing loss, improvements needed to be implemented at Gardner Memorial Theater so that those who have hearing loss can enjoy a theater experience just as stimulating as everyone else. The grant allowed us to replace an outdated system with a quality system for use at the theater.”
Dull went on to explain, “Patrons can stop in at the box office, when they arrive at the theater, to request a receiver. It is easy to use, just like wearing a small headset.  Essentially the receivers are amplifiers that bring sound directly into the ear.  They separate the sounds, particularly speech, that a person wants to hear from background noise. ”
Research indicates that people who are hard of hearing require a volume increase in order to achieve the same level of understanding as people with normal hearing. Board member and Past President Bob Fleetwood stated, “These individual receivers allow our patrons to achieve this gain for themselves without making it too loud for everyone else in the theater. The devices allow hard of hearing patrons to efficiently follow the show.”
Assistive Listening Systems help address listening challenges in three ways: minimizing background noise; reducing the effect of distance between the sound source and the deaf or hard of hearing person; and overriding poor acoustics, such as echo.  ALSs are sometimes described as “binoculars for the ears” because they “stretch” the ear, hearing aids and cochlear implants, thus extending their reach and increasing their effectiveness.